Vehicle Inspection Software

Mechanic inspecting vehicle with tablet on hand

ProfitBoost’s vehicle inspection software gives auto shops a versatile new way to inspect vehicles. Digital vehicle inspection is one of the most important steps in an auto shop’s daily process. It can be used to determine if there’s any necessary scheduled maintenance needed or to verify if there are any needed repairs based on mileage. By using vehicle inspection software, your shop will notice immediate improvements to your productivity. Many shops also say that digital vehicle inspection has increased their average repair order and improved customer retention. Try ProfitBoost free for 30 days to discover how it can help your shop become more efficient and profitable!

Digital Vehicle Inspection

Every type of vehicle comes with its own set of repair requirements and commonly known issues. With our vehicle inspection software, you’ll be able to quickly access this information and modify the inspection based on the vehicle’s (or customer’s) needs. All information from the digital vehicle inspection can be saved and retrieved at any time, allowing you to track the health of the vehicle over time. Our software also allows service writers to provide customers with more knowledgeable information. They can easily access the inspection report and explain which repairs will be needed at the current visit (or in the future). Not only does this improve customer service, but it can also increase billable hours and ARO.

Using our software, technicians can send photos of broken parts directly to customers through text or email. They also have access to talk-to-text note taking, which eliminates the need for rough notes or deciphering handwriting. They can communicate the specifics of a particular job, clearly and legibly. This often improves sales, as service writers have access to a thorough explanation of which repairs are needed and why, which can then be explained to customers. Customers are more likely to authorize repairs if they see a photo of damaged parts or have an understanding of why the repair is needed. Using our software improves customer experience by providing transparency and clear communication.