Repair Shop Scheduling Software

Repair Shop Scheduling Software

The Best Scheduling Software for Repair Shops

Repair shop scheduling software has become essential for auto shop owners. It allows them to communicate with clients effectively, streamline their daily operations, and increase profitability. Profit Boost is more than just scheduling software for your auto shop; it provides complete shop management. Cloud-based and intuitive, it’s never been so effortless or affordable to manage your repair shop. Profit Boost makes tasks like repair estimates preparation, repair order writing, and invoice completion easy. It’s also compatible with all devices and operating systems, including Mac, PC, and smart devices. Start your free trial today, or give us a call at 888-274-3376. 

Auto Repair Shop Profit Analysis

Track your Shop’s Profit with a Repair Shop Management Software

Have you been wondering how profitable each type of repair actually is? Finding yourself spending too much time with paperwork that gets lost? Repair shop scheduling software is the answer. Profit Boost makes it easy to track profit-per-hour, allowing you to plan for growth, analyze business or service drop-offs, and actively improve the decisions you make. All the features within Profit Boost are data-driven and determined by the user, so you can be sure that the factors that are important to you are being tracked. From the moment a customer first inquires at your shop through actual sales, Profit Boost repair shop scheduling software tracks every interaction. Our software tracks information by the job, allowing you to give a customer a quote, then transfer the quote to the repair order once approved. Once the quote is transferred, Profit Boost will order the needed parts directly, making the entire process streamlined. 

Our software also makes it easier to stay in communication with your customers. Gone are the days of phone tag! With Profit Boost, you have the ability to email or text clients depending on their preferred method of communication. Send them messages to let them know that the repair work is done, digital inspections, photos of repairs, and more. Using our Scheduling Software for your Auto Shop allows you to share important information with your customers while also keeping accurate records of every job that passes through your doors.