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Quickbooks Accounting Software

Auto Shop Software’s compatiblity with Quickbooks enables a quick and effecient way to send invoices and payments to Quickbooks software.

We connect with Quickbooks online, this means you and your book keeper are not tied to one computer. You can check your numbers from any pc, Mac or even a tablet

We synch every Repair Order and transaction from your Auto Shop Software into your Qb Online program. If a client prepays, or part pays it will be synched across.

If you add parts, labor or sublets to a RO , then synch , all the data will now be in your accounting system.

Line Items

The following non-zero dollar line items will be synced to QuickBooks when it creates an invoice:

  • Discount
  • Disposal (Fees)
  • Fees
  • Freight (Fees)
  • Freight (Parts)
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal (Fees)
  • Labor
  • Parts
  • Sales Tax
  • Services
  • Shop Supplies (Fees)
  • Sublet (Fees)
  • Supplies (Parts)
  • Tires (Parts)
  • Warranty (Fees)


All successful transactions (including refunds) that have not yet been synced to QuickBooks will get synced when you press the ‘Sync’ button.

You can import your data from your Desktop QB files into your online version and synch your new data straight in

We understand you will have questions , you will find many of the answers in our Quickbooks FAQ