KUKUI Auto Shop Software

ProfitBoost software recognizes that the choices we make in our third-party integrations bring value to our software while enhancing every shop’s ability to be profitable and run efficiently. We put careful thought into every third-party partnership that we enter into to ensure that we are providing our clients with the most effective tools possible. Our web-based software, PIFPro, helps shop owners handle everything from allowing customers to schedule appointments through the shop’s website to processing credit card payments. PIFPro can also connect to separate shops in different locations, allowing them to share customer records, vehicles information, and parts, service, and inventory data. The third-party integration of our PIFPro system with KUKUI’s unique CRM platform grants our clients the capability to track customers from the instant they make an inquiry at the shop to the moment they make a purchase. By combining their platform into our software, our clients can manage their shops better and evaluate their marketing efforts from a single application. The KUKUI auto shop software allows our clients to be able to access detailed information about how effective a shop owner’s marketing efforts are at generating business. The integration with PIFPro allows KUKUI clients the ability to generate analytic reports that track a customer’s first experience with the shop and how much they spend over time at a particular shop. The KUKUI partnership with ProfitBoost adds even greater value to our software and expands on the already vast profitability features and tracking ability of PIFPro. KUKAI also offers Marketing Suite to ProfitBoost clients who subscribe to their platform. Marketing Suite offers ProfitBoost clients attractive website design that’s optimized for search engine rankings and boosting conversion rates. Every website also includes an intuitive Content Management system. By utilizing the KUKUI third-party integration, shops are able to gain significant insights into their customer base, the profitability of the services they offer, and the effectiveness of their marketing, allowing them to make informed choices and ultimately corner their market advantage.