credit card processing

Credit Card Processing for Auto Repair Shop

Having your credit card processing smoothly integrated with your software system has many benefits.

  • Removes the risk of miskeys
  • Removes the need for double entry
  • Trusted company
  • Easy to set up



Why 360 Payments?

Profitboost gets calls every single week from companies wanting to be our processor. Our CEO Scott Johnson gets calls from shop owners asking him who they should trust to process their cards. Every shop owner wants a fair shake and not to feel the prices are climbing every month.

Scott has spoken at length to at least half a dozen of the biggest card processors, both on the phone and in person, and most of them have the same issues. Staff changes constantly so you have no idea who you will be speaking to next week, fees that they can’t really explain in plain English and no real information on who they are and what they are going to do.

We found that none of the big processors made the integration from credit card reader to the ProfitBoost system easy. Some wanted shops to install a new computer, most said that their software would only work on a Windows machine, some didn’t want to tell us until we agreed to integrate with them..

Scott has met with Steve Ciabattoni  (the CEO of 360) a few times and grilled him on the service they offer, what it will look like for our end users and how it will integrate with our program. He found Steve, and all his team, to be honest and knowledgeable about the Auto Repair industry.

Most importantly 360 payments realize that they are in a competitive market place and need to offer service and real help to shops so they can all profit from the partnership.

People always ask about rates, the answer is Profitboost can not tell you what rate you will be charged. We can tell you that people we have sent their way have been happy with what they hear and 360 Payments guarantee they will not increase their rates once you sign on with them.

Why Do They Need My Statements?
Every credit card has it’s own rate and every shop has it’s own mix of payments. Most shops take around 80% of their total revenue via credit or debit cards. The mix within that 80% varies greatly, some shops have customers that use nearly all debit cards, some shops have clients that use high amounts of reward cards and most shops are somewhere in between.

You do not have to supply 360 with your statements, but if you want to get the best rate then it makes sense to do so.

How Do I contact 360 Payments?
The easiest way to do it is to fill in the information on this page and they will call you within a couple of days at most.

Sign Up Here

Please make sure that your receptionist/Service writer knows they will be calling, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to speak to the decision maker when he is actually waiting for the call.

I Signed Up Now What?
360 will ship you a credit card reader and they will notify Profitboost. Once you receive it Profitboost will walk you through connecting to the system (which is just a matter of copying the serial number from the back of the reader into Profitboost) and off you go.