Labor Guide Software

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Preparing accurate estimates on the fly can be difficult and time-consuming. ProfitBoost’s integrated labor guide software makes it easy. With our exclusive auto repair estimate and labor guide, you’ll never have to guess billable hours or lose revenue. Profit Boost’s labor guide software completely removes the need for “after-the-fact” accounting and invoicing. Start your free trial today!

With so many types of vehicles on the road, it’s impossible for technicians to know the labor requirements for every job on every car. It’s also difficult for service writers to know the cost of each repair off the top of their head. All auto shops rely on labor guides to help them prepare estimates for customers. These guides have listings of different makes, models, repair specifications, and labor estimates. In the past, this might mean searching through several guides to create a single estimate – which can be tedious and time-consuming.

Auto Repair Estimate and Labor Guide Software

With our auto repair estimate and labor guide, creating estimates is completely streamlined. Auto shops can quickly look up accurate labor and part estimates, without the need to consult different sources. The labor guide software is informational and action-based. You can look up specific models and situations to get an accurate estimate of the labor and parts that are needed. Once parts and labor are imputed, the labor guide will transfer all labor and parts estimates straight to the invoicing system.

All customers appreciate having accurate and transparent estimates. Having a system that allows you to do this quickly and efficiently ensures that customers will feel confident returning to your shop. Our auto repair estimate and labor guide can free up a lot of time for technicians and service writers. Additionally, with our integrated software, you won’t have to worry about losing out on billable hours or incorrect parts pricing. Your business can feel confident that all work is accurately compensated.