Web-Based Auto Shop Management Software

Look around your workshop: the vehicles you work on have clearly changed. They’ve been updated to include the latest technology, greatly enhancing the driver experience. It’s the age of the “smart car.” As the cars you work on change, the way you work has had to change as well. Like your customers’ upgraded, automated, and expanded vehicles have evolved, so too has the management software that runs your business. Just as the traditional carburetor has been made redundant, so too has desktop software. Thanks to the Internet, cloud-based software is now more efficient than ever. It’s also easier to maintain, longer-lasting, and more adaptable. In other words, it’s just better when you’re “working in the cloud.”

An Essential Upgrade

While it was innovative for its time, your old Windows desktop software is slowing your business down; it’s time to fuel inject your shop and get going again. Say goodbye to the hard drive and the backup device because, while you’re unsure if a newer system will work, an older system will soon become obsolete. It was a big decision in the 90’s to use software to run an auto repair or transmission business; now it’s time to upgrade to a modern web-based shop management system. These systems are so popular as a solution because they recognize the mechanic as both an expert in the automotive repair niche while also being a business owner. With the help of ProfitBoost, automotive repair shops get the full spectrum of experiences, integrating job-specific tasks like parts ordering or customer updates and business-related functions like invoicing or cost-management in one platform.

Designed for Today’s Auto Shop

Our shop management and repair order writing software is cloud-based, making it less expensive (no upfront costs), easier to learn, and more secure, thanks to its regularly scheduled off-site backups of your data. This means shop owners never have to worry about Windows updates, computer crashes, hard drive failures or, worse yet, putting off platform updates for fear that it will disrupt operations. Web-based shop management software is specifically designed to respond to the needs of an auto repair or transmission business. Everything from forming precise estimates, streamlining the parts ordering process, performing marketing initiatives, measuring financial performance, monitoring technician efficiency, accepting instant payments, communicating with car owners, and creating repair orders are simplified and automated with Profitboost Software. We are not new to the cloud. As an early adopter since 2001, ProfitBoost has been web-based, helping businesses operate leaner, more efficiently and more successfully, without a breach or loss of data and a 99.999% uptime.
Digital Vehicle Inspections

Reliable, Versatile, and Robust

Repair shop owners who have used desktop software have faced issues like old PCs dying, restoring data from a backup, or uploading a new version of shop management software. Our auto repair shop shop management software eliminates those concerns. Like your own experience examining problems under the hood of a vehicle, we’ve seen it all: many shops call us after they lose data, the hard drive fails and the software provider is out of business, the proverbial “Blue Screen of Death” shows up while installing an update, or incompatibility with the latest version of Windows means glitchy, unreliable functionality. Luckily, as customers’ demands have changed, the business world has responded with shifts that put their customer at the center of a seamless experience. ProfitBoost does the same for the software that runs your business. A trifecta of innovation involving iPads, Android tablets, and smartphones have quickly transformed the way we communicate, share data, accept payments, and live our lives. The auto repair business is affected just like every other business. Web-based auto shop repair software will work on Mac and Windows’ OS as easily as Ipads or Android tablets. Because it’s specifically built for web communications and functions, our web-based auto shop repair software is compatible with IE, Edge, Chrome or Safari. Translation: You’re free to use any operating system or browser.

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