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Providing transparent processes that enhance the customer experience is great for everyone. It usually calls for a streamlining of the most redundant details; for example, things like eliminating paperwork, communicating wait times and issues to a customer, and providing access to various individuals on the workshop floor so the entire team knows what’s going on. These are the details that go a long way. But how do you provide transparency about the car to both business owner and customer alike, using externally-sourced and incredibly valuable information? That’s where ProfitBoost comes in. Software like ProfitBoost gives owners the options and features to implement this new way of doing business. The best part is that this isn’t new! 15 years ago, ProfitBoost was one of the first management software providers to partner with CARFAX and offer VIN number decoding. This revolutionary partnership allowed us and our software users to, at that point, scan or enter the VIN # to get the YMME: “Year, Make, Model, Engine”.
vin decode

CARFAX Integration

Today, we enter the vehicle license plate and get the same information. But, shop owners can also retrieve this standard information, plus details on repair history from any shop that also reports to CARFAX.

A few benefits stemming from this service include the following:

  • The shop is “in the know” about the history of repairs performed (date of repair, mileage, etc.)
  • Issues shared in the report about possible future repairs required can be viewed by all parties
  • The means to communicate this information to a car owner, especially if the car owner is looking to buy a used car and has brought it in for an inspection or has recently pur chased a used car and suddenly has a fuller picture of its history

Manufacturer’s Specifications & More

Using ProfitBoost’s revolutionary VIN number decoder feature, an auto repair shop can also retrieve the manufacturer’s specifications and information on the options the vehicle was built with when it was new. Having the history and maintenance records available can increase the value of the vehicle.

When creating a new repair order, the VIN number decoder feature effectively eliminates the guesswork that sometimes comes with figuring out the Year, Make, Model or Engine. This works nicely with ProfitBoost’s Motor Labor Guide and auto invoicing systems as it firmly reduces the chances of ordering the wrong parts or citing the wrong labor times.

It’s yet another way that modern, cloud-based software is helping repair shops become more efficient with time management practices, reduce costly mistakes and guarantee a positive customer experience.

We’re helping auto repair business like yours set an entirely new standard of transparency and ease. Contact us today to get started!

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