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In the last 20 years, vehicles have changed dramatically. With features like keyless door entry, remote start, GPS, and dashboard displays, cars are becoming more automated, intuitive, and user-centric. And, as cars have shifted, so have the levels of service and experience car owners — your customers — expect. So, where does the paperless office fall into these changes? Right now, your office is yet another relic of the pre-dotcom era, and it’s affecting the way you do business in your workshop’s backend. In the 90’s, software was still a fancy go-between, a way to present ourselves as professionals. But we still relied on printed, faxed and altogether physical pieces of paper for everything from recording a customer concern, to adding parts and labor on an estimate, to totaling up the subtotals on an invoice and taking payment. Today’s customer is not looking for a piece of paper with information on it — even if it is information about their car. Rather, they’re looking for someone to tell them, show them and educate them.

Chances are, your customer today is barely going to look at the invoice once they pick the car up — unless, of course, something goes wrong. And, it’s at this point that they wished they had either asked more questions or received a better explanation from a technician or service writer.

People simply don’t want to fill their life up with piles of receipts and invoices. Today’s customer is looking for that same “user-centric” experience they receive through their phones in real life. There’s just no room for paper invoices cluttering up their glove box — literally and figuratively!

Digitizing the Auto Repair Shop

As our customers’ environments have pivoted, and as the vehicles we work on have shifted, it’s the right time to responsively make a change that reflects the digital era.

The backends of auto repair shops are shifting as well. You’ll see many more iPads, tablets, and smartphones in the area. They’re not for decoration — rather, these digital, “smart” devices are implementing powerful automotive repair estimate software that help run efficient shops.

Using these handy devices, along with auto repair shop estimate software, we can run an entire suite of day-to-day, automotive-centric processes, and tasks with a few taps or clicks. Functions like on-boarding a vehicle, inspecting the vehicle, sending and receiving text communications regarding needed repairs, accepting authorizations and payments, and sending PDFs of the repair order are completely digital and web-based.

This is what “going green” really means: going paperless. Thanks to the “cloud,” this is our future.

Modernize your Shop

Our robust inventory system also allows you to stack and list your vendors, giving each a “profile” of sorts, uploading their price lists and tying them to one of the online systems for parts ordering. Add as many, or few, vendors as you wish. Everyone from the local parts store to your preferred tow company can be added as a vendor.

Eliminating paper copies in a filing cabinet means instant elimination of these scenarios:

  • Spending lots of time locating and looking at past repairs
  • Asking, “where did we get the parts, what warranty did we give, who did the repair?” with no discernible answers
  • Having a service writer miss out on the most important notes of a technician
  • Creating invoices and providing estimates from information captured from a third and separate sheet, the repair order

The days of the carburetor, the 350 CID V8 & Turbo 350 are long gone. It’s time to switch gears by fuel injecting and turbocharging your shop: go green, go paperless.

The internet and the cloud make it easy for auto repair shop estimate software to modernize your business and make it more profitable.

Today, you can look forward to communications that are instant and smooth:

  • Offer your customer a digital signature for the inspection agreement on an iPad, giving the option to email them a copy.
  • When the estimate is ready, you can text them or email it to them.
  • They can text back their approval (and that gets kept in the contact log for your records), which allows you to get going on the car repairs.
  • When they come to pick up their vehicle, they sign on the iPad again and get an emailed copy of the repair order for their records.

This is what the paperless office “works” like. And what does it look like? No waste, no printer malfunctions and nothing to file away.

Go paperless. Go Green. Call ProfitBoost today at (888) 274-3776!

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