Inventory Management Software for Auto Shops

Inventory Management is largely a thing of the past for most auto repair shops. As parts have become more expensive and the number of car models has increased, maintaining a “full” inventory has become a logistical issue. General repair shop owners have to ask themselves if it’s even possible to hold parts for a majority of the vehicles the shop will service and see each month.

Given the vast improvements in the online parts ordering systems and the ability to order parts using the WHI, Worldpac and Epicor integrations from right inside your shop management software, most shops do not want or need to tie up their working capital in parts that may sit on the shelves for months or even years.

However, we do know that not every shop is the same. Transmission repair shops, for example, tend to stock many specialist parts and even complete units that they need to keep track of.

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Serial Numbers

Parts with serial numbers tend to be the most expensive units, misplacing a complete Transmission unit can be an expensive loss. When you stock complete units, you need to keep track of the serial numbers. This is necessary, so you can know which unit was used for which vehicle repair or service job and then be able to trace that information easily for servicing, warranty work or comebacks. This is exactly why our inventory management system allows you to load parts with serial numbers and, with a few clicks, run comprehensive reports on them. Easily match parts with a repair order and tie this information to the overall job.


Our robust inventory system also allows you to stack and list your vendors, giving each a “profile” of sorts, uploading their price lists and tying them to one of the online systems for parts ordering. Add as many, or few, vendors as you wish. Everyone from the local parts store to your preferred tow company can be added as a vendor.


Parts are a profit center, the more data points you have the better you can decide what parts you should be stocking.

With ProfitBoost’s inventory reporting function, you’ll be able to view the following:

  • The amount of money tied up in inventory
  • How much money has been spent in the last year on parts
  • Stock levels currently being maintained (which are useful for stock checks)
    Sales by part

The decision on what parts to buy in bulk can now be made based on data rather than guesswork.

All these questions and more can be answered with inventory reporting. Contact ProfitBoost today to get

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