Inspection Checklist Software for Auto Repairs

Job specific inspections are the best way of making sure every customer complaint is worked on in the same way. Consistency will ensure that every problem is revealed and can be fixed. Specific jobs or repairs call for specific checklists in order to properly document and diagnose a customer’s concern. A charging system, for example, would need different items checked than a transmission shifting issue. This means that job-specific inspection checklists are not a “one size fits all” situation. It would require a technician to formulate a new, job-specific inspection checklist each time or modify an existing checklist, leading to a higher cost in time and resources. ProfitBoost gets right to the heart of this issue. Here’s where the digital far surpasses the traditional. ProfitBoost’s web-based functionality allows the service writer to create digital job-specific inspection checklists on-the-go. Digital modifications are less time-consuming to create and can be customized quickly. Anyone across the workshop floor can access these checklists if it’s relevant to doing their job correctly.

Digital Checklists on Demand

Creating a job-specific inspection checklist in the cloud eliminates the need for a written report on a piece of paper. It also means that there are no more “my dog ate my homework” excuses. In other words, there is no chance of a copy getting lost or dirty. Checklists can be printed up, on demand, or simply viewed on the ProfitBoost platform.

With digital checklists your business can go truly paperless and create a seamless business process. This ensures that repairs are done correctly, putting the responsibility on the technician, and bringing accountability to the business overall.

ProfitBoost’s functionality and software is available across iPads, tablets, and smartphones, taking advantage of the device’s built-in features (i.e., cameras, talk-to-text and email communication). Pictures that show the details of the internal and external body of a car or specifications on the work needed to be done are all bits of information that help to create a fuller picture on a repair job.

These details are recorded, not only to get everyone in the workshop on the same page about a particular job but also to gain trust and build value.

Customer Involvement

ProfitBoost’s functionality allows the car owner to be easily included in the diagnosis procedure. Upon request, the Service Writer can share these details and the customer can quickly see what parts and labor are needed to get their car running like new. Once they view the level of damage or service required, they’re much more likely to sign off on a repair anyway. The effect of images on persuasion is subtle but significant!

These tools were simply unavailable ten years ago. Today, however, cloud-based software is not just changing the present, it is the future. Since Google has made the common consumer a true expert, expect your customer to be knowledgeable about which questions to ask. It’s up to you, then, to communicate the answer with transparency.

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Job Specific Inspections

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