Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

“Digital Vehicle Inspection” – also known as the “Vehicle Inspection” is one of the most important components of your auto repair shop’s process. Once the vehicle is in your system and has been checked in, a more in-depth and focused inspection process can begin – one more detailed than the initial check-in process.

DVIs are generally used to determine any necessary scheduled maintenance needs that are marked on digital vehicle inspection sheets. The recommended “service check at 60K” is a good example. DVIs verify any needed repairs based on the car’s mileage and year and anticipate any future repairs that may be required.

Now, the initial check-in procedure is helpful here because you will be inspecting anything that was discovered, like wobbly steering or loud brakes, during the test drive in addition to any reported customer concerns.

DVIs are not “one-size-fits-all” answers. Cars, 4x4s, FWDs, RWD, and foreign or domestic imports can each come with their own set of issues and requirements. An in-depth inspection process can be modified to fit the customers’ needs or these specific types of vehicles. Most importantly, information entered into the digital vehicle inspection sheet gives auto shop owners and technicians a baseline, if you will, as to the overall health of the vehicle. This information can be retrieved easily at any time.

A New Way to Inspect

Using a digital vehicle inspection on a ipad or any other tablet, a service writer can provide informative and knowledgeable customer service, telling the car owner what this visit will focus on and alerting them as to what may be needed in the future. It’s a gesture of good will and concern for a customer’s vehicle, and it gives the shop an opportunity to offer high-quality work, sell more billable hours, increase ARO, and enhance business profitability by putting the customer experience first.

Besides the photo and note-taking capabilities of the ProfitBoost digital vehicle inspection system, a particularly useful feature is the talk-to-text function. This allows technicians to do more than take rough notes, that no one else can read, on the fly. They can communicate, to the service writer, the specifics of a job. A service writer who is trying to convince an indecisive customer to make a positive decision and opt for a repair now (rather than pushing it off) has much more context and a better chance of closing the sale.

Superior Communication

The beauty of digital vehicle inspection sheets is that they are accessible for service writers, technicians and customers. DVIs enhance the customer relationship because it’s all about incorporating an element of transparency and authenticity in the experience. DVIs, once inputted and saved, can be texted or emailed to the car owner. These messages provide information about the inspection, images, notes, and pictures.

An experience like this can sometimes make the sale itself. A customer is much more likely to authorize a repair if they are educated about what’s wrong in the first place, if they see a photo of the broken or worn out part and why it matters.

Today’s customers expect transparency — but they may be pleasantly surprised to receive it at their auto repair shop of choice. Use ProfitBoost to enhance your internal and client-facing communications for a more positive overall impression and a boost in sales. Contact us for more information today!

Digital Vehicle Inspections

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