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ProfitBoost software recognizes that the choices we make in our third-party integrations bring value to our software and enhances every shop’s ability to run efficiently and be profitable. Cloud-based shop management software easily, affordably and securely integrates with other providers, and seamless integrations are what allow repair shops to benefit across a range of functions by connecting these solutions in one workflow. Third-party integrations enable auto repair shop businesses to enhance and add much-needed features such as POS, accounting, and marketing, to boost a shop’s holistic profit-maximization efforts. Using these integrations, a shop can gain information and rely on a greater number of resources to save time and corner their market advantage Using these integrations, a shop can gain information and rely on a greater number of resources to save time and corner their market advantage.
3rd party integerations

Extensibility at its core

When configuring ProfitBoost for third-party integrations, we looked closely at our users’ needs as well as the ethics, code and data delivery of third-party software solutions. Delivery and integration procedures affect security, speed, uptime and satisfaction of the unique products used together. It also ends up affecting the end user, their satisfaction and how much value they can truly gain from ProfitBoost’s auto-centric purpose.

Read more about how each third-party integration enhances the user experience of ProfitBoost’s core functionality, creating an end-to-end solution by incorporating everything from POS systems to accounting functions, parts ordering, vehicle histories and inventory management. More information on each of these companies can be found on their partner pages.

ProfitBoost chooses to offer 360 Payments as a third-party integration because of its record in simplifying the ways customers pay, the great service, support and competitive rates they offer to every shop. Add in next day funding and the latest payment features, including apple pay, contactless pay and even pay by txt options and you will understand why 360 are the go to choice for processing your payments.

Through ProfitBoost’s integration, Kukui allows businesses to access a custom marketing platform, allowing personalized offers via email, txt and mail. Quantitative, on-demand data shows users their return on investment, the number of new clients based on their POS system, the average Ro amount and brings in statistics revealing their customer retention rate. Kukui offers full service marketing including website creation and adwords management while also allowing auto repair businesses to improve their options by tracking phone calls and feedback from customer reviews.


The integration with WHI, through Nexpart, allows you to get part prices, and availability, for your estimates and to order them all without leaving ProfitBoost shop management system.

Epicor were among the first parts and labor integration available and it’s a premier solution for parts and labor estimates on jobs.

Use the Worldpac integration to automatically add parts for import and domestic vehicles to your repair order.

Motor Information Systems

Use the MOTOR Information Systems integration to view and add information such as labor times, Diagnostic Trouble Codes, Repair Procedures, Wiring Diagrams and more. Save time (and money) using the integrated labor guide, no more copy and paste and no need to pay for 2 software systems.

The QuickBooks integration allows your sales data, including cost of goods and labor to be pushed across into your QB Online system. Reducing the time your book keeper spends on data entry and allowing both systems to always be in synch.

The Carfax integration allows us to offer every shop a quick and easy way to decode the vehicle license plate and get the full VIN and the vehicle details that you need. Carfax provide additional optional information such as access to vehicle history.

These ProfitBoost integrations allow for the best possible experience for auto repair shop owners. Contact us today to get started!

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