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A hallmark of a “smart” software solution is how efficiently each of the functions communicates with one another.

Do the financials like revenue and expenses reflect the billable hours on each project? Does the addition of a new element auto-populate when required?

Intelligent software solutions need to sense a user’s needs, and each function must “speak” to each other before the software as a whole can speak to you. This allows you to perform the most essential functions with greater ease. It’s a part of a basic requirement of user interface design: the interface and its functionality must be intuitive. It’s this “intuitive” aspect that basically eliminates any learning curve.

The result? On-boarding and growing accustomed to the software takes no time at all and everyone (in this case, technicians, owners, and clients) can find what they’re looking for.

Integrated functionality doesn’t just put information at one’s fingertips; it goes a step further by capturing information in one feature and communicating it automatically. Integration is the hook that leads to a seamless workflow.


ProfitBoost’s “smart” functionality uses this penchant for integration to take its user experience to the next level. In an innovative and powerful design workflow, it brings together a motor labor guide together with an invoicing function that helps remove the need for “after-the-fact” accounting and invoicing.

Here’s how it works.

Integrating a Motor Labor Guide with an Auto Invoicing System

Every auto repair shop has its “library” of different cars, makes, models, as well as the different specs for special models. With such a diverse variety, keeping track of parts and other variables on these makes and models can get chaotic.

Using a traditional tracking system, this process of matching the requirements of specific vehicles with parts and labor can get tedious to access and, worse still, even more tedious to draw up into an estimate for car owners.

But draw you must.

ProfitBoost improves on this entire process, streamlining the approach and minimizing the need for constantly tracking and reinventing the wheel each time an estimate works. Its software asks, “Where can we eliminate redundant tasks?” and then answers with integration.

Digitally incorporating a motor labor guide into its web-based automotive management system significantly frees up time for service writers and ensures that estimates and quotes are not pulled ad hoc. Rather, these are standard for specific vehicle situations/specs and reflect the amount of specialist work and cost that will be going into the job, ensuring that businesses are accurately compensated.

A Seamless Workflow

Our robust inventory system also allows you to stack and list your vendors, giving each a “profile” of sorts, uploading their price lists and tying them to one of the online systems for parts ordering. Add as many, or few, vendors as you wish. Everyone from the local parts store to your preferred tow company can be added as a vendor.

It’s impossible for every technician to know how to do every job on every car. Nor can a service writer quote, off the top of their heads, the amount of time each job is going to take. In this new age of business accountability and transparency, “guessing and hoping” is simply not going to cut it.

Not if you plan to run a profitable business with a high rate of customer return, that is.

ProfitBoost takes this process one step further: not only does it introduce a motor labor guide right into its software solution, but it also hooks the amount of each estimate generated into an auto invoicing system.

To provide a truly seamless workflow experience, the motor labor guide is not only “informational,” but it’s action-based. It triggers the “get paid” portion of the task by populating estimate information into the auto invoicing system. And the motor labor guide is also integrated with a parts order system so that estimates on parts are reflected on the invoice quickly and profitably.

Copy-and-paste is a thing of the past, thanks to ProfitBoost’s intelligent software that focuses on enhancing the customer experience by first streamlining an auto repair shop’s backend process. Streamline yours by contacting us today!


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