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At first, your technician might say, “A software smarter than me? I don’t think so!”

Software is never going to replace the years of knowledge that a technician has gained. It can however help the service writer order the correct parts at the best price, and make sure that those parts are available quickly.

Your software solution can provide more information on the parts ordering process, offering alternatives and the ability to check all the information from multiple part stores at once which saves your service writer time.

Access it all “in the cloud” at a click of a button or a tap on your iPad, all while on the workshop floor.

Hooking Up An All-In-One Workflow

Repair order software like ProfitBoost combines the trifecta of parts ordering, local inventory, and online ordering into one workflow that moves from one function to the next. User “ease” and intuitive transitions are the software design’s priority.

When a repair order calls for a particular part (or set of parts), these need to be ordered. But first, you’ll need to scope out available inventory, and see if this part is available locally or not. ProfitBoost’s web-based auto shop management software allows you to use efficient and speedy online parts ordering right from the repair order.

This is the most efficient way to source parts, without the need to call multiple parts stores, spend time on the phone, or check price and availability at each supplier. Does this scenario sound familiar? You call a potential parts supplier, trying to be polite on the phone, making small talk about the weather, and wasting time with the individual at the counter before finally getting to the inquiry, only to find out that they don’t have the part you need anyway. This interfacing and necessary social nicety is a productivity time-waste; luckily, this aspect of waste is eliminated with ProfitBoost’s modern cloud management software.

To give their users an easy and efficient workflow, ProfitBoost has strategically partnered with multiple providers, allowing you to shop prices and parts availability right from the platform. This fast, efficient, and secure functionality results in fewer returns, which significantly cuts costs. With Profitboost’s user-definable pricing matrices, your markups are consistent and assure a profit on parts.

Whether your local parts suppliers are tied into the Worldpac, Whi/Nexpart or the Epicor system, you can access them from within your shop management software. Use this simple process to easily check prices, stock levels and add the parts to your estimates, all from one platform. Once the client gives the go-ahead, ordering is as easy as a click of a button.

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