Auto Shop Inventory Management Software

inventory management software

Maintaining a full inventory of parts has become a thing of the past for many auto repair shops, but our auto shop inventory management software can help you figure out which ones are worth keeping on hand. As parts have become more expensive and the number of models on the market has increased, it doesn’t make sense to keep low-demand parts in stock. Whether your shop specializes in auto repairs or transmissions, our shop management software makes it simple to order and keep track of the parts you need. Start your free trial today!

Parts that have serial numbers tend to be the most expensive products, so they’re important to keep track of. When you receive parts with serial numbers, you can input them straight into the system. With only a few clicks, you can generate reports on that individual part. You can match them to repair orders and tie it to the overall job. Our auto shop inventory management software allows you to know exactly which part was used in a repair. You can then trace that information for servicing, warranties, or return repairs.

Order Auto Parts with Our Inventory Management Software

With our auto shop inventory management software, shops can create a list of preferred vendors for easy online ordering. You can give each one a “profile” and stack them according to your order of preference. You can add as many (or few) vendors as you like, including auto parts suppliers and tow services. Additionally, you can add the vendor’s price lists and tie them to your preferred online parts ordering systems.

When you’re searching for the best shop management software on the market, look no further than ProfitBoost! In addition to easy inventory control, the software includes a number of integrated tools to boost your shop’s efficiency. From credit card processing to digital vehicle inspections, nearly every daily task is made easier with our software.