Auto Repair Shop Invoice Software

Auto Repair Shop Invoice Software
Quickbooks may seem like an inexpensive and easy way to invoice your repair work, but it’s not a substitute for true auto repair shop invoice software. While QuickBooks is a great accounting program, it’s not designed to handle the unique needs of an auto shop. Our web-based auto repair invoicing software, ProfitBoost, is designed solely for auto repair and transmission shops. It has numerous features to help shop owners, bookkeepers, technicians and service writers be more efficient with daily tasks and business management. Improve customer communication, streamline the process of creating estimates, discover which services are most profitable, and more. Try ProfitBoost free for 30 days and discover how it can improve your business.

Many shop owners understandably want to keep costs down, leading many of them to rely on accounting programs like Quickbooks. We’re fans of Quickbooks – we’ve even designed ProfitBoost to fully integrate with it! But in our experience, it lacks the functionality auto shops need for invoicing. Our auto repair invoicing software allows you to:

  • Email invoices to the customer directly from the system
  • Include vehicle information on the invoice
  • Include disclaimers
  • Print contact logs for your customers to see (and sign if needed)
  • Include your logo and contact details
  • Clearly list what was done and what was charged for each part or service

Additionally, our auto repair shop invoice software allows you to order parts online directly from your list of preferred vendors, determine your profit per hour, and communicate with your customers through email or text messaging. All customer interactions are logged within the system, eliminating the need to keep written records. You simply can’t get that kind of functionality from Quickbooks! Our auto repair shop invoice software is affordable for shops of any size. It costs only $99 a month for unlimited users – and there are no set up fees.

Our CEO has over 20 years of experience as a shop owner himself, so we have valuable insight into the specific needs of auto repair and transmission shops. If you’ve been looking for the best auto repair invoicing software for your business, give ProfitBoost a try.