Auto Repair Management Software

Technician using auto repair management software on laptop

How to Manage an Auto Shop

Profit Boost auto repair management software offers the perfect solution for shop owners to manage their business better. Profit Boost is easy to learn and use and provides a range of features to keep track of inventory, stay organized, increase profitability, and improve customer communication. Our software is also very budget-friendly with a monthly fee of ONLY $99 for unlimited users, making it an excellent choice for shops of every size. Profit Boost is unique in that our CEO has over 20 years of experience as a shop owner himself and understands the specific needs of those in the auto repair industry; we’re confident it will exceed your expectations! If you’ve been searching for the best auto repair software for your shop, give Profit Boost a try for free for 30 days!

Improve Your Shop’s Efficiency

Auto repair software has become a necessity for busy shops looking to improve their efficiency. With Profit Boost, you can expect to see less time with record keeping and more time handling the important aspects of your business. Our software keeps track of every interaction with your customers, from the moment they make an inquiry to the moment of purchase. Profit Boost allows you to streamline daily tasks, such as quotes, repair orders, and part ordering. You can create quotes for your customers and send them the quote via text or email directly from the system. Once the customer approves the quote, it can be transferred to the repair order. From there, Profit Boost allows you to order the parts directly from your preferred list of vendors.

Our auto repair management software has inventory management built in, making it easy to keep track of the parts you keep in stock. You can load parts with serial numbers into the system and easily trace them for servicing, warranties, or comebacks. Profit Boost also allows you to easily match the parts with the repair order and tie the part information to the overall job. Vendor lists can be created and given “profiles” that include price lists and online part ordering systems. Shop owners can load as many or few vendors as they like, from parts suppliers to towing companies.

Auto Repair Shop Management Software

Profit Boost and your Auto Repair Shop

Profit Boost has robust reporting abilities to help you better manage pricing, inventory, services offered, and more. With the inventory reporting function, you’ll be able to see how much money is tied up in inventory, how much money has been spent on parts over the past year, stock levels, and sales by part. This makes it easy to make a data-driven decision on which parts to buy in bulk. Profit Boost also has profitability analysis indicators to help shop owners determine if they are pricing their services sufficiently.

If you’ve been searching for the best auto repair software, look no further than Profit Boost!