Our Vision
PIFPro, a state of the art, innovative web-based repair order writing, business management software solution, was developed in 2001 by ProfitBoost, an industry leader.  We are a team of automotive shop owners, software programmers and sales and support personnel who are dedicated to providing the most current, beneficial tools to help you run your automotive business efficiently and profitably.  We offer three software packages and various features and options, so that you can tailor your software to your needs, with the ability to add or subtract features and options at any time.

PIF, the Profit Index Factor, was perfected as a way to truly determine the profitability of a job in real time  – AS YOU ARE WRITING THE REPAIR ORDER & BEFORE YOU QUOTE THE JOB. PIF has been used successfully in hundreds of general repair and transmission shops all across the country to quickly determine the profitable selling price BEFORE selling the job…BEFORE it’s too late to do anything about it.


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