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Web based auto repair shop software is the future. With 30 years of experience as a Transmission Shop owner Scott Johnson knows what it takes to run a successful automotive repair business. 13 years ago this experience was translated into the first auto repair shop software that only needs a browser to work. Profitboost has updated, expanded, improved and supported their software ever since and is continuing to do so.

Let’s talk about what your business needs and how Profitboost can help you.

Repair Order Software

As a general repair or transmission shop owner you need a way to produce repair orders, add parts, add labor and do it quickly. Fixing cars and keeping customers happy is what we all aim for, but doing that without making a profit is a good way to go out of business.

Writing an estimate or repair order is quick and easy. RO’s are a vital, part of your business (RO count is often used as a measure of success) but there is a whole lot more than just writing a RO that goes on to make your shop profitable isn’t there?

Profit Index Factor

Scott saw huge increases in profitability in his Transmission shop once he cracked the Profit Index Factor. Pif Pro has a patented method built right into the software that will allow you to ensure the job is profitable before you even give a quote.

If you use PIF Pro to its full extent you will be able to not just write in car details, parts and labor, you will be able to see if the job is actually profitable. Your service writer will be able to make sure that every job he puts through is profitable. The job estimate can be tweaked BEFORE you give the quote, rather than trying to squeeze a few more dollars out of the client after you have already started work.

In this day and age of increasing bills wouldn’t it be nice to know you were making money on every job. Fixing cars is important, but being profitable while doing it is vital.

Web Based Auto Repair Software

PIF Pro was offering web based shop management software from day one. Why? Because it allows us to spread our systems across multiple servers with mass redundancy so that as long as you can get an Internet connection you will be able to access your data.

How does this help you? No more worrying about a computer crash or whether your back up data is good, whether updating to the latest Windows version will kill your business for a day or a week.

What happens if your computers all get stolen? If you are a PIF user you are back in business the minute you get a new laptop/tablet/PC.

We update the software regularly and back your data up daily.

Transmission Shop Software

automatic transmission rebuilders association

Profitboost is a member of ATRA

As a Transmission shop owner for 20+ years Scott Johnson has seen just about every transmission problem and knew exactly what he needed to run his shop and all that knowledge has been used to build software that makes running a profitable Transmission shop a lot easier.

We know that rebuilding a transmission takes a lot of parts and many hours of transmission rebuilders labor, if your parts prices are wrong you can easily lose money on a job (notice how the prices never seem to go down but always up).  We can upload your latest parts price lists, from Transtar/Transmaxx/WHI or any other parts suppliers, so your costs are always realistic and you can see if the job is profitable before you quote it.

Save time – Rather than adding the same parts and labor every time you are rebuilding a 4L60E, create canned jobs and automatically load the parts needed for that job. If you do the same
Transmission Rebuild more than once this will save you time. The first time you add the parts and labor simply create a canned job and save hours of inputting time.

If you prefer to buy your parts from your local part supply store , our built in parts integrations can easily check online for availability and costs for those one off parts that you need once in a while.

Efficiency = Profitability

We have studied every step of the process of creating an auto repair order and streamlined it because we know that time is money.

Parts Ordering Integrations – No need to pick up the phone for each part, our WHI, Worldpac and Epicor integrations take you straight to the relevant ecommerce site where you can check prices and stock levels.

Quickbooks Integration helps keep your accounting process up to date.

Online Marketing integration with Kukui, Demandforce and Mechanicnet helps you find new customers and keep your current ones coming back, again and again.

Carfax Integration

Vin decoding is built into Profitboost. This feature saves you from the frustrating times when you can’t decide if that is a 0 or a O, or even a 5 or a s.

Simply put in the vehicle license plate and the state, click the decode button and you will get not just the vin number but the year, make, model, engine, driving wheels and transmission type.

Carfax history is now included for all our clients.

Canned Jobs and Parts Library

PIF Pro offers all of these, and more. Rather than typing in the same job information again and again we allow you to set up your own canned job list. These can include parts lists and as much detail as you want. These are great time savers, especially when you are running a special promotion (oil changes or transmission flushes?) where many of your customers will be coming in for the same service.

While you can get access to the many parts libraries you’ve added into PIF Pro, Importing parts now becomes easy using one of online parts integration’s. Whether you want to use epicor or WHI we can help.

One Shop or Multiple Shops

No matter whether you have one automotive repair shop or ten shops our repair order writing system is right for you. You can access the data from all your shops with one log in if you wish or have them each as stand alone units that never share any customer or vehicle information. Profitboost is repair order software that gives you the business owner options.

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